Randolph, NJ Luxurious Backyard


*Winner of 2015 NJNLA Award & 2016 NJLCA Award* Our clients desired a backyard where they would completely relax. The existing site was flat, so to add interest, we created a raised dining patio by the house and a raised spa/waterfall on the backside of the swimming pool. In the sunny backyard, we designed a pergola with louvered roof so it can open in the sun and close in the rain. Our clients had a contemporary style inside their house, so we designed the patio and walk adjacent to the house with angular lines to blend with their contemporary style. As one walks away from the house towards the pool, the style of the landscaping becomes curvilinear and natural as it blends with the surrounding forest. We included elements of boulders, waterfalls, and fire in this more natural area of the landscape design.