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Cute, But Hungry: How To Prevent Rabbits From Eating Plants

prevent rabbits eating plants

More and more clients are asking us about organic solutions to many common landscaping problems. There are many great websites and books out there dedicated to these organic solutions. One such book that I purchased recently is entitled Dead Snails Leave No Trails: Natural Pest Control For Home & Garden by Loren Nancarrow & Janet Hogan Taylor. While discussing a client with an employee today, he mentioned that the client was concerned with all the damage rabbits had been doing to her plants. As he finished telling me that, it occurred to me that a lot of clients have been… Read More »

Rain Gardens: Dealing With Stormwater Runoff

rain garden

As the saying goes, “April showers bring May flowers.” Obviously, proper watering is one of the most important factors for achieving and maintaining a beautiful landscape. Unfortunately,  in many cases those April showers have unintended side effects. Besides pooling and puddling, which are common in yards with grading and drainage issues, the runoff from these spring rain showers can also carry pollutants into our water sources. That’s the bad news, and before getting down to the nitty gritty details, a little good news! There is an environmentally sound solution for dealing with this stormwater runoff…rain gardens. As defined by the Rutgers Cooperative… Read More »

Rozanne Geranium: My Ultimate Favorite Flower

rozanne geranium is a low mounding plant

One of Rich Cording Jr’s passions is plantings which means he loves flowers. From time to time, he will write about some of his very favorite flowers. To kick off this recurring feature, he has chosen his absolute favorite flower.  Rozanne Geranium is not just one of my favorite flowers, it is my ultimate favorite flower. I say this confidently because whenever I ask myself if I could only install one flowering plant in my garden, what would it be? I always answer this question with Rozanne Geranium. Why So Loved? Because of the Length of Bloom Rozanne Geranium is a perennial that performs like an annual.… Read More »