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Hold the Salt!
Why You Should NEVER Apply Rock Salt to Your Walks and Patios

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When a snowstorm ends and the bright sun re-emerges, it does make the snow shoveling a more enjoyable experience. However, that same sunlight may cause some of the snow to melt only to refreeze as ice on your walks and patios. Even on flat ground, ice can be treacherous! When ice forms on your walks and patios, what should you do? Grab some run-of-the-mill rock salt and generously spread it everywhere? Absolutely not! Rock salt (sodium chloride) is commonly used on asphalt roads for de-icing, but that same rock salt should never be used as a de-icing agent on anything… Read More »

From Buried Trash to the Homeowners’ Treasure

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With over 40 years’ experience in the landscape industry, we are rarely surprised by what we find when digging. Well, until recently, that is. We have come, of course, to expect that we will find rocks, roots, and occasional rubbish. At a recent project in Greenwood Lake, NY, we found some trash that would ultimately become a piece of treasure. This project began as many of our projects do, with a phone call. The client, a full-time resident of Manhattan, informed us that he had recently purchased a weekend home in Greenwood Lake. He was interested in a pool, patio,… Read More »

CLC Landscape Design Wins Two NJLCA Awards

NJLCA awards, winning project in randolph nj

CLC Landscape Design is honored to have been recognized with two awards at the recent New Jersey Landscape Contractors Association (NJLCA) Achievement Awards ceremony. The NJLCA is a group of professional landscape contractors “dedicated to advancing the integrity, proficiency, and continued growth of the landscape industry.” The NJLCA sponsors the awards to “increase public awareness of environmental improvement through quality landscaping and to encourage the landscape contractor’s consistent use of quality materials and workmanship.” 2016 is the first year that CLC submitted entries for the NJLCA awards and we are thrilled to have won awards for both submissions. We are honored… Read More »

Do You Want To Be Swimming In Your New Swimming Pool Next Summer?

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Summer’s over, and with it, swimming pool season as well. For homeowners with a pool, this is generally the time of year when they STOP thinking about their pool. However, if you don’t have a pool, but spend every summer day dreaming you had one, now is the time to START thinking about your new swimming pool, especially if you’d like to be swimming by next summer. Although it may seem too early to begin planning a pool during the fall or winter, it is actually the best time of year to begin designing and planning your new swimming pool. People… Read More »

How To Stormproof Your Landscaping

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Studies have shown that heavy downpours have been increasing nationally over the past three to five decades with the largest increases being seen in the Midwest and Northeast. These studies have shown that the heaviest rainfalls have increased in both frequency and heaviness. We understand the amount of time and money that many people pour (no pun intended) into their yards and the amount of frustration that comes with seeing it all washed down the drain (pun intended) during a heavy thunderstorm or hurricane. In order to protect your landscaping from these heavy rainstorms, we have put together some suggestions… Read More »

Lilacs in the New Jersey Botanical Gardens


As plant enthusiasts, we are very fortunate to share our home in Ringwood, NJ with the New Jersey Botanical Gardens (NJBG) located located at Skylands Manor. The botanical gardens are a place we often visit for relaxation and inspiration. The NJBG covers 96 acres and has something for everyone: acres of lush ornamental gardens, miles of hiking trails, and a grand historic Tudor-revival mansion located at the park’s center. From April through October, the park has nearly constant color as something is always in bloom. The origins of the NJBG begin with the purchase of the land by Clarence McKenzie Lewis, an… Read More »

Fall Lawn Care Tips:
Why September Is The Best Time For Getting Your Lawn In Shape

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September is the best time of year for getting your lawn in shape. This time of year the temperatures start to cool down, especially at night, reducing the stress of summer heat. However, importantly, the weather in September is still warm enough to promote vigorous lawn growth. This time of year is the perfect balance of cool nights and warm days making almost any action you take extremely effective. Now you are probably wondering is Spring a good time to get my lawn in shape? While we also recommend working on your lawn every Spring, there are a few downsides… Read More »