Fine Gardening/Horticultural Programs


The design/build philosophy CLC Landscape Design was founded upon ensures that the landscape architect’s vision is installed by a team of landscape craftsmen who are specially trained in installing his or her landscape designs. We believe this same design/build philosophy extends into the maintenance of a landscape where it is important that a horticulturist will see that the plants in your landscape mature into all of the glory that was envisioned in the landscape architect’s design.

Core Fine Gardening/Horticultural Services

  1. Pruning:
    1. Structural pruning of ornamentals: remove dead wood, remove crossing branches, promote growth of central leader, control desired shape
    2. Early spring shaping of evergreen trees and shrubs (except rhododendrons and azaleas)
    3. Early spring shaping of specific deciduous shrubs
    4. Midseason shaping of spring flowering shrubs (rhododendrons, azaleas, etc.)
    5. Removal of rogue growths (keeping plants shapely)
    6. Control of crowding plants
    7. Enhancement pruning: preemptive cutting back early in season to promote a fuller bloom later in season
  2. Deadheading
  3. Transplanting
  4. Dividing perennials and ornamental grasses
  5. Fertilizing of plants with pH specific fertilizer
  6. Pre-emergent herbicide application (kills weed seeds)
  7. Soil amendments (iron, etc.)
  8. IPM inspections (instead of spraying everything, inspecting the plants first to see which, if any, require treatment for insects, fungus, or other disease)
  9. Mirco-spraying: Spraying only the plants identified during the IPM inspection that require treatment for insects, fungus, or other disease
  10. Identification of beds being over-watered or under-watered, and adjustment of the irrigation timer
  11. After each visit, we leave a detailed report that will inform you of services preformed, issues discovered, and suggestions for fixing issues, when applicable

Additional Fine Gardening/Horticultural Services

  1. Edging
  2. Mulching
  3. Weeding
  4. Round-Up® applications
  5. Raking out mushrooms when they appear
  6. Installing seasonal plantings (Annuals, Planters, Window Boxes, Containers)
  7. Installing new plantings
  8. Installing bulbs
  9. Adjusting and cleaning of landscape lights
  10. Small landscape projects
  11. Deep-root feeding (soil injected fertilizer)
  12. Deer repellant applications
  13. Wilt-pruf® applications (protect plants against winter winds)
  14. Pond maintenance
  15. Holiday decorating
  16. Spring and fall clean-ups
  17. Storm clean-ups

Fine Gardening/Horticultural Program

Our fine gardening/horticultural program offers services to clients with any budget. If you are expecting to have a party or wedding at your home, we can spend additional time preparing your landscape for the event.

Our typical client has a 2 to 5 hour visit per month from April through October.
Our clients use our fine gardening services:

As little as 1 hour per month

As much as 1 full day per week

Fine Gardening programs can be customized to any needs or goals.

Your beautiful landscape begins here...

horticulture program

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