Do you do everything — do you design, install, and maintain landscapes?

Yes! For over 40 years CLC Landscape Design has been the preeminent design/build landscape firm in northern New Jersey. We design, install, and maintain beautiful landscapes. Please enjoy photographs of our landscaping in our portfolio.

How much does an initial consultation with a professional cost?

There is no cost for an initial consultation. It would be our pleasure to meet with you at your home and share some great design ideas for your landscape. Every site has unique site conditions and every client has unique goals and therefore we believe it is essential to meet with you to get to know you and your site.

Depending on the scope of your project:

  • If a landscape plan is not necessary, we will prepare an estimate to install the landscape ideas we discussed with you at the initial consultation.
  • If a landscape plan is necessary, we will provide a proposal to complete a landscape plan for you. Learn more about our landscape design services.

I am planning on installing a new swimming pool; should I hire a landscape architect before I hire a pool company?

Yes! Hiring a landscape architect is the first step to take when planning to install a swimming pools. While a pool company’s skill set is to install a high-quality swimming pool, a landscape architect’s skill set is to (A) locate the swimming pool in the optimal location in the backyard, (B) design living spaces around the swimming pool, (C) integrate the swimming pool into the design style of the overall backyard, and (D) ensure that your overall landscape plan meets town code and sound landscape design principles.

At CLC Landscape Design, we have been designing swimming pools and the surrounding landscapes for over 40 years! Learn more about designing a swimming pool landscape with CLC Landscape Design: Swimming Pool Design.

Do I need a landscape plan drawn up, or can you install my landscape without a landscape plan?

All of the work we install is based on great landscape design principles.

Depending on the scope of your landscape project, we can install your new landscape either with a landscape plan or without a landscape plan:

  • With a Landscape Plan – We offer landscape architectural services where we prepare a master landscape plan. Often projects requiring a landscape plan are landscapes involving one or more of these elements: swimming pool, deck, multi-level patio, steep slope, significant drainage work, and/or very large landscapes involving multiple phases.
  • Without a Landscape Plan – You are always working with a landscape architect or designer whenever planning a landscape with CLC Landscape Design. Some landscape projects do not require drawn landscape plans. Such projects include: simple plantings, simple patios, walks, steps, landscape lighting, or simple drainage work.

Because our initial design consultations are free (and we brainstorm with you at these meetings many excellent design ideas), we recommend you meet with a landscape architect or designer from CLC Landscape Design, regardless of whether you may or may not need a landscape plan drawn up.

Do you install any “small” landscape projects?

Yes! We would love to install a beautiful landscape for you, regardless of the size.

We are thrilled with CLC’s newly installed landscape project, but can you now help us maintain our new landscape?

Yes! The inspiration for our landscape philosophy is rooted in the estate gardeners of England from the 1800’s, where a single person would design, oversee the installation, and then live onsite to maintain the landscape.

This idea transposed into the 21st century, we believe the key to a successful landscape is having a single company serve as the designer, installer, and maintainer of a landscape. In this light, we offer a variety of ways to be involved in the maintenance and flourishing of a newly installed landscape:

  • We offer full service landscape maintenance, including lawn care and plant care.
  • For a client who would like to retain their existing lawn care service, but wants a professional to oversee the landscape plants, CLC offers fine gardening and horticultural services for bed areas, such as hand pruning, fertilizing, treating for insects and diseases, mulching, and many other fine gardening services.
  • For any client who would like to maintain their new landscape themselves, we are always thrilled to offer our knowledge and advice on any item in the landscape. It is our joy to stay a part of your landscape for many years after the installation.

What, if anything, do you subcontract?

At CLC Landscape Design, we employ over 25 highly-skilled landscape craftsmen who install: patios, walks, walls, plantings, ponds, streams, drainage, and landscape lighting.

We also have long-standing relationships will several subcontractors who install other elements in a landscape, such as: fences, irrigation, swimming pools, carpentry work, electrical and plumbing work, and outdoor A/V installation. Additionally, we have strong relationships with engineers and surveyors, whom we subcontract when a town requires such work for permits.

What guarantees do you offer on your landscape installations?

All plants are guaranteed 1-year from the day of installation, provided the client provides proper watering. But do not worry; we oversee irrigation installation, set irrigation controllers, and provide water schedules to make it easy for you.

All hardscape items (patios, walks, walls, steps) are guaranteed 5-years from day of installation.

What effect does new landscaping have on my property value?

Landscaping is one of few home improvements that adds value to your home immediately as well as over time. A well designed and installed landscape should recover 100%-200% of its value at time of sale. We recommend you consult with the landscape architects at CLC Landscape Design to plan a thoughtful landscape plan for your home. For further information, here are some helpful reports:

  • Virginia Tech – This detailed study reports in its conclusion: “Survey results showed that relatively large landscape expenditures significantly increase perceived home value and will result in a higher selling price than homes with a minimal landscape…”
  • Bob Vila – Bob Vila explains how good landscaping can add 20% to your home’s value, but only if you hire a professional landscape architect to prepare a thoughtful landscape design.
  • Better Homes & Gardens – BHG explains that good landscaping can add up to 15% to your home’s value.
  • American Society of Landscape Architects – ASLA shares a collection of data on how hiring a landscape architect and installing a good landscape design will increase the value of your home.

When is the best time to have landscape work installed?

This varies per item, so let us provide some helpful guidance:

  • Plantings. April until frost, often December.
  • Sod Lawns. April until frost, often December.
  • Seed Lawns. April, May, September, October are the four best months, however, if you will be diligent at watering a new seed lawn, you can install a new seed lawn in the summer months.
  • Hardscape. Anytime the ground is not frozen.
  • Swimming Pool. Anytime the ground is not frozen.

What are your credentials?

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