Dealing with Deer

Deer Resistant Landscape Design Options:

(A) Use Deer Resistant Plants Only. One option to consider is selecting only deer resistant plants for your landscape. While not all plants make our list, there are many excellent plants that do! For example, see the photographs on this page of beautiful purple irises, ornamental grasses, butterfly bush, and lavender. We have designed and installed hundreds landscapes in the worst deer country that are gorgeous, low-maintenance, and provide four seasons of interest.

(B) Install Well Designed Fencing. You can protect your landscape with deer fence, which is either an 8′ or 10′ tall netting. Or, you can install 6′ tall solid fence. (While they can easily jump over a 6′ tall object, they will never jump over 6′ tall solid fencing because they would not see what is on the other side and if it would be a safe landing.) After the fence is installed, the deer will stay out of your garden and you are free to select all the landscape plants you desire. If you are worried about the look of a fence around your property, as landscape architects we can offer many great landscape design solutions that will incorporate the fence into your overall landscape.

(C) Apply Deer Repellent. When either of the above two options are not desired, then you can consider having deer repellent applied to your landscape plants every 3 – 4 weeks. You can apply the repellent yourself, or you can hire a landscape professional. Please note we recommend that you rotate repellents so that the animals to not learn to tolerate any one particular product.

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